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Local National (Jalapeno)

ABV 5.3
IBU 35
Style Pale Ale - American
Source Springfield, VA
Delivered from Tucked Away Brewing Company
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Product Description

The Local National Jalapeno Pale Ale is an easy drinking, lighter body, and less hoppy brew crafted with jalapeno and cilantro. Don't worry, we remove the seeds to eliminate the heat and what's left is a beer with a wonderful jalapeno pepper aroma and taste. This beer is a nod to our brewing friend Raoul, a native of the Philippines, with whom we brewed in our home brew club. Before we could bring him in as a partner in Tucked Away, Raoul moved back to the Philippines to open his own brewer, Elias Wicked Ales. However, on a trip back to the U.S., he visited Tucked Away and we created this recipe together. "Local National" is the military term describing a person who is native to the country where one is deployed. We are excited for you to try this delicious international collaboration.